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General Assistance

Lucas County General Assistance helps individuals who reside in Lucas County and are at or below 100% of the federal poverty level. The maximum the county will pay is $150.00 per household, per year.

Please fill out our pre-screen form to learn more about General Assistance programs.

General Assistance Pre-Screen Form


To be eligible for General Assistance the following documentation will be required:

  1. Proof of Identity: picture ID or social security card or voter registration for all members in the household
  2. Paystubs from the last 20 days from everyone in the household and previous years tax return
  3. If self-employed or farmer:  previous year’s income tax return and current monthly cash records and receipts from the business.
  4. All family members 18 years of age and older; who are not needed in the home to care for pre-school age children or a disabled person; must be registered with Iowa Workforce Development.
  5. Liquid resources: checkbook and last bank statement, savings accounts, (passbook or last bank statement received with deposit and withdrawal slips since date of the bank statement), stocks, bonds. Time certificates, or anything else readily converted to cash. Children’s resources must be reported also.
  6. Non-liquid resources: real property old cars, property that does not include the applicant’s home; trust accounts; savings accounts; motorcycles (unless primary means of transportation); planes, boats, atv’s; snowmobiles; campers etc. household goods are exempt. Along with the value of these, you must also bring along amount of debt owed.
  7. Tuition and mandatory fees: education bill and receipt of payment
  8. Childcare payments: receipts of payment made in current month
  9. Child support and alimony payments: divorce decree and payment decree
  10. There must be a plan in place to ensure future bills will be paid by the applicant or other resource.
  11. If the amount needed to avoid eviction or utility shut off is greater than the $150.00 that the county allows the applicant will need to have proof that the remaining amount can be paid by another source. In the case of eviction the landlord will need to sign an agreement to accept county funds and allow the individuals to remain in the home at least 30 days following the payment
  12. Lucas County does not pay or assist with first or last month rent; deposits on housing or utilities; motels or hotels; automobile repairs or gasoline; household repairs; pet food or litter.
  13. If the need is due to atypical expenses or situational issues (illness; accident; robbery) then proof of the incident will be required. This could be a Dr statement of illness or accident or a police report. Need based on “budgeting issues” is not approved expenditures used for non-basic needs is not approved. GA does not provide funding in situations where the applicant is not using income to cover their basic needs first. 

Burial Assistance Application

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